Home Sweet Home.

Wow, have the last few weeks of my life been crazy. Moving from Ohio to Wisconsin to the middle of cornfields, where I went from living with one other person to about 40ish other people. It’s interesting and fun, and sometimes overwhelming. God is completely wrecking my life, ripping it apart and just tearing it to shreds. But God is forming something so much better and way more exciting for me,…

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The Adventure Begins.


Well, we made it. Approximately 10+ hours in the car, and we’re finally in Madison, WI. Today my mom and I went exploring down State St. and downtown for a bit, and I’m absolutely falling in love with Madison. It’s beautiful, with tons of little shops and places to explore. We drove to the Training Center (because I may occasionally get lost, and I wanted to figure out where I was going) and I’m…

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Every Girl Needs Her Daddy.

Love is still in the air even three days after Valentine’s Day. Gifts are still being given, candy is still being eaten, and there are still many jealous girls wishing that they had a man to call their own. For me, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a…

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Fear. http://wp.me/s4d5lZ-fear

My motto for the past month has been, “Let my faith be bigger than my fears.” There is so much that I fear while thinking about the year to come. I’ve barely been out of the state… and now I’m getting ready to go out of the country. To places with…

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You Have a Choice.

This past Sunday I was sitting in church listening to the sermon (very mindlessly I might add), when all of a sudden I heard something that caught my attention. 

“Satan only has as much power as we give him.”

My mind at that point started racing. How many…

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God doesn’t tell us to love with reservation, He calls us to love with abandon. He… http://wp.me/s4d5lZ-131

God doesn’t tell us to love with reservation, He calls us to love with abandon. He doesn’t want my lukewarm attitude, He wants all of me, to be all in, for all He is. We don’t need a change in opportunities to love others, we need a change in attitude. An…

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